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Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated CircuitsHomeowners who have too many electrical appliances and devices running at the same time may find that their main electrical circuit trips, shutting down all power temporarily. MCA Electric can help solve this problem for property owners throughout the greater Fort Mill, Charlotte, Rock Hill and Ballantyne regions by installing dedicated circuits.

Our excellent installation service positions dedicated circuits throughout your home to help to prevent electrical surges and spread the consumption of electrical power more evenly throughout your house. Our licensed and experienced electrical technicians strategically place dedicated circuits in various parts of your house, creating a much safer and energy efficient way to use all of the electronic devices and appliances that contribute to the comfort of modern living.

The dedicated circuits our technicians install focus on providing energy to fewer appliances, meaning that each piece of electrical equipment or appliance you want to run will have sufficient energy to operate properly without overloading your overall electrical system. One sure sign that you need our excellent dedicated circuit service is the frequency that your main electrical breaker trips because there are too many devices drawing power at once.

Dedicated CircuitsThe builders of most older homes in this region may have never imagined that homeowners in the 21st century would have more than a dozen appliances and other devices requiring electricity being used on a daily basis. MCA Electric provides a free inspection of your current electrical system and offers a no-obligation estimate to determine if our dedicated circuit installation service would benefit your household, helping your appliances and electronic devices operate more efficiently and most important, more safely.

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